Media & Awards

Lights On!

“Photographer brings urban nightscapes to life” – Right This Minute (video)


Nature’s Lament

“‘Nature’s Lament’: We Need a Public Lands Intervention” – Outside Magazine


The Battle of Los Angeles

“Time-Lapse Video Captures Sparkling LA’s Fireworks Displays From Mount Wilson” – NBC News 4 Los Angeles

“This Timelapse Shows Thousands of Fireworks Exploding Across L.A.” – Petapixel


Nostalgic In New York

“Photographer Aaron Keigher Delivers a Timeless Time-Lapse with ‘Nostalgic in New York’” – Film and TV Now


Super Into – Time-lapse Interview


One Night in Vegas

“A spectacular light show in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.” – NBC News 3 Las Vegas (video interview)

“This time-lapse video of Las Vegas at night is truly stunning.” – ABC Eyewitness News

“Photographers Create Stunning Time-Lapse In Sin City” – Huffington Post UK

“Timelapse captures dazzling scenes of Las Vegas Strip” – Las Vegas Review Journal

“3 photographers create stunning Las Vegas timelapse in 1 night” – Mashable

“‘One Night in Vegas’… perfectly depicts the city.” – Las Vegas Sun Times

“It’s #Vegas on fast forward. Check out this amazing video by Aaron Keigher.” –



A “Remarkable time-lapse film” – CBS News

Staff Pick – Vimeo

“A jaw-dropping time-lapse video” – Canon Watch

“[Keigher] makes this time-lapse stand out from the rest” – SLR Lounge

“A sumptuous meditation on the movement of the cosmos” – Pixable

“Beautiful work by StarTalk listener Aaron Keigher” – StarTalk Radio

“An Amazing timelapse by Aaron Keigher” – The Photo Beacon

“Stunning time-lapse video captures the grandeur of the USA” – Rough Guides

“Yet another beautiful time-lapse video” – ZME Science


Other Media and Awards

Landscape Photography Magazine – Photographer of the Week (August, 2016)

The Photography Roundtable Podcast (May, 2016)

NBC News – Photo of The Week (December, 2009)

Today Show – Travel Photo of The Day (December, 2011)

Today Show – Best Reader Photos of 2011 (3rd Place) (December, 2011)

Today Show – Travel Photo of The Day (February, 2012)

CNN – Travel Photo of The Day (February, 2013)

CNN – Travel Photo of The Day (March, 2013)

CNN – Summer Skies: Fireworks to fireflies (July, 2014)